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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This past weekend

Hello everyone! (everyone is jb stephanie rachel and sam) This week was fun. On Friday jb and i went out to the Kirby Grill in Grand Haven with Heidi and her boyfriend Kyle. It was super fun. on the second story they have 4 pool tables and they serve just pizza up there. downstairs they have dueling piano's on thursday-saturday. they were really good, but then they started singing and playing little known songs. so we left. it was pretty late anyways. i ended up getting a super bad sore throat. i almost choked on the flem half they night.

saturday the sore throat was even worse. can't really remember what i did on saturday. probably just watched movies....

sunday jb and i went to Manna for our church service. it's on 9th street in downtown Holland. The service started at 10am and we got out of there at noon.....yes....a 2 hour service....can you believe it? singing took 45 mins, then they told us to take some time and visit with other people, and then the pastor spoke for an hour. it was more like a bible study/class like setting. oh....and no one came up to us and introduced themselves. and in a church that small everyone should have known that we have never been there before. so that was kind of disappointing. but my throat hurt so bad during the service i drank an entire water bottle of water! i never do that! ha ha ha

after the service we ate lunch and then went over to the seminary owned yellow house down the street and planted some seeds! we are not expecting anything to grow, so if it does we'll be super excited! :) ha ha ha

so that was my weekend. still trying to get over the cold thing i have. monday it turned from a sore throat into a runny nose. not fun! but i did make banana bread on monday and it came our really good! yum! :)


Sam Gutierrez said...

Try Pillar instead of Manna... :)

Rachel Bush said...

Don't try Pillar. And... I love you because you say things in you blog that make me want to come home... like how you have a sore throat and you watched movies.