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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Day in the Life of....

Hello! Well I'm new to this whole blog thing and I'm not really sure anyone will read it, but here it goes! :)

So over the past few weeks I have a schedule for what I do since I don't have a job right now. And here it is...with a few variations...

8:30am get up and eat a bowl of cereal
9:00am take a shower and get ready for the day
10:00am Put in one load of laundry
10:30am Vacuum House
11:00am Dust and pick up stuff in Kitchen, put another load in washer
12:00pm make lunch for hubby and i, eat lunch, sit on couch with hubby
1:00pm run to Meijer, Aldi, Dollar Tree or Target (not EVERY day...)
2:15pm sew on buttons to hubby's pants and shorts
2:30pm watch Food network
3:45pm greet hubby at door as he returns from work
4:30pm make dinner
5:00pm eat dinner and clean up kitchen
5:30pm go for a walk downtown
6:30pm play Peggle on the computer while "watching" tv
9:00pm start movie
11:15pm get ready for bed
12:00am fall asleep

so that's pretty much a day in the life of Evonne right now... HA HA HA :-D just call me suzy homemaker! ;-)


Rachel Bush said...

I read it and it's cute and I'll die.

Raylene said...

Suzy Homemaker sounds nice right about now!!!